August 1, 2016
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it is an improved product of our aminova. Rich in l-amino acids and peptides highly bioactive. in this case, the product has more than double free amino acids (24’26%). it is totally free of salts, chlorine and other inorganic compounds. its liquid format with high viscosity and its higher concentration means that the dose can be further reduced.

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Aminogram FREE (%) (w/w)
Ala:1,18 • Asp:1,89 • Cys:0,81 • Glu:2,77 • Gly:2,43 • Pro:2,40 • Hyp<0,10 • Ser:3,02 • Tyr:0,24 • Arg:1,57 • His:0,27 •Lle:0,94 • Leu:1,94 • Val:1,27 • Lys:0,96 • Met<0,10 • Phe:1,12 • Thr:1,52 • Trp<0,10
Molecular weight less than 10,000 Daltons.
Enzymatic Hydrolysis amino acids. Raw Material, Collagen. Heavy Materials: Class A “Heavy metals content below the authorized limits for that classification”. Microorganisms: no salmonella, no Escherichia coli.

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1 L, 1000 L, 20 L, 220 L, 5 L, 60 L

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