August 1, 2016
August 1, 2016
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Ferronova is an EC fertilizer, based on EDDHA iron, which has been formulated for the optimal combination of the ortho-ortho-EDDHA and ortho-para-EDDHA isomers, both recognized as chelating agents in the European Fertilizer Regulation (2003/2003 D.O.C.E. 21/11/2003).

The ortho-para-EDDHA isomer releases the iron faster, causing a greater rapidity of action and shock effect in plants in a situation of stress due to lack of Iron. The agronomic advantages of the ortho-para isomer, in terms of speed of action and sufficient stability in calcareous soils, has been demonstrated in different tests carried out by prestigious universities such as the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Alicante. In addition the content in the ortho-ortho-EDDHA isomer guarantees the maximum stability and persistence of the product in the soil. Re-greening of the crop usually occurs 1-2 weeks after the product has been made available to the roots.

It is a stable iron chelate, totally soluble in water, that releases the iron more quickly, causing a greater speed of action and of shock effect in plants in situation of stress by lack of iron.

Its formulation in soluble granule does not produce dust in its manipulation, and its dispersion and dissolution in water is faster.

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