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August 1, 2016
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It is a nitrophosphorus (NP) solution with a high wetting power that increases the effectiveness of the treatments. it has been developed as a ph adjuster in phytosanitary broths for its buffer capacity: it increases the stability of the active substances and nutrients in solution, improving its penetration in the plant.
Very interesting in alkaline waters.

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It is advisable to fill the tank with water while stirring and then add NEUTRAL to adjust the pH to the suitable one for the phytosanitary products we are going to use. After a few minutes we will perform a pH measurement to check if it stays in the chosen range.
Finally we will incorporate the phytosanitary products to be used. The doses will depend on the hardness of the water and the pH to be adjusted, but as a rule of thumb, in order to reach pH 6, we will use 60cc/100L.

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